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Mary Breslin, CIA, CFE, Founder of Verracy February 1, 2022   Three Reasons Every Audit Shop Should be Adding Agile Auditing to its Toolkit Agile has been around for over 20 years but it has received more attention in the audit profession in the last 2 years than the prior 18 combined.  Why is that?  […]

Happy New Year!  Thanks for being a part of our Verracy Family! We are kicking off 2022 by re-launching our monthly Newsletter.  Our goal is building community with all of you – our family.  We will be sharing information about our Free Webinars, where we are speaking or facilitating open training events, any new articles […]

Mary Breslin, CIA, CFE, Founder of Verracy October 22, 2020   Can a system or software be responsible for fraud? Like a voyeur, I sat and watched the system automatically, and without human intervention, conceal fraud. Let me explain. I recently completed a fraud investigation in which the system — hardware and software — provided […]

Most companies don’t start out with a full-time compliance team.  Heck, most probably don’t even start with a part-time team.  But as an organization grows, eventually it is time to take the plunge. Tony Joy from Empower Audit Training & Consulting has worked with several companies who have made the transition from a parceled out […]

Mary Breslin, CFE, CIA, president of Empower Audit, shares the lessons she learned from her very first fraud case and the red flags she spotted within the first 10 minutes of a routine audit. About Mary Mary Breslin is the Founder of Verracy and specializes in Internal Audit transformations, Operational and Financial Auditing, Fraud Auditing […]

by: Mary Breslin All organizations face fraud risk. Understanding how to properly identify and assess potential fraud risk helps a business develop and implement an effective fraud program that can reduce the associated potential financial, reputation and organization risks. The ability for an organization to prevent and detect fraud begins with the ability to identify […]

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