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Mary Breslin, CFE President Verracy We often talk about fraudsters being the most trusted and loyal employees, and when I teach about fraud, I have lengthy conversations with the participants about ways to identify these individuals. They often have responsibility, access and authority above and beyond their actual role or job description. We also discuss […]

PRODUCTIVITY AND TIME MANAGEMENT Is your email inbox unruly? Do you waste time searching for emails you know you received or sent? Technology can be both an enormous time saver, but it can also cause us to waste an enormous amount of time as well. To stay productive and not waste time with technology we […]

PRODUCTIVITY AND TIME MANAGEMENT The secret to time management is, there is no real “time” management, time marches on, we all have the same amount of time available to us. There is no time management, only self-management. Two things matter the most – focus and habit. Our focus is driven by logic and emotion. Habit […]

Featured on While high-tech ways to combat fraud are on the rise, Mary Breslin of Verracy says many organisations are still failing to address some of the basics – like knowing which behaviour constitutes fraud, questioning extraordinary success and examining incentive drivers within the business. Want to prevent your organisation from suffering large-scale fraud and scandal? Then change […]

Mary Breslin, CFE, CIA President, Verracy Years ago, I called my sister who was a journalist specializing in health and nutrition for a woman’s magazine, which she now runs, to ask her advice about the latest popularized diet. Apparently on this diet I would lose 32 pounds. in a month by doing little more than […]

COMMUNICATION AND INFLUENCE Want to learn how to manage your team more effectively? READ THIS BOOK! Radical Candor, by Kim Scott. Kim’s been teaching leadership for decades at companies like Apple, Google, Dropbox and Twitter. That alone should get you to read her book, but she will teach you to “become a great boss without […]

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