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Verracy offers dynamic training and flexible consulting services that help organizations around the world create a culture of performance with integrity.

Are you ready to deal with the implications of COVID-19 for your organization?

Verracy’s team has decades of deep experience working in every aspect of corporate risk and accountability. We stand ready to help you through the chaos and uncertainty by helping you effectively plan for the future.

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We Help Solve Problems

Through our services and expertise, Verracy can help you fuel performance with integrity.



Every member of the Verracy team is an experienced practitioner in their field. They have seen it all, and are ready and able to partner with you to deliver solutions to a wide range of challenges.



Verracy offers dynamic professional development programs that help your team stay ahead of the continually changing demands in today’s audit industry and beyond.



Our team is comprised of leaders in the industry who have vast knowledge in managing large multi-national businesses and speaking on business topics that span the globe.

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ACFE: The Fraud Examiner

Why Software Engineering Firms Need to Hire CFEs

Mary Breslin, CFE, President Verracy

Can a system or software be responsible for fraud? Like a voyeur, I sat and watched the system automatically, and without human intervention, conceal fraud. Let me explain. I recently completed a fraud investigation in which the system — hardware and software — provided both the opportunity for the fraud and an automated concealment. The […] Read More >

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