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About Us

We are industry-leading global executives ready to help your organization.

Verracy was founded by a group of global executives with the purpose of helping companies transform their risk and audit functions from back office, check list support, to trusted advisors helping set the strategic direction, evoke positive change, and deliver value.

Our goal is to provide consulting and training using cutting-edge tools and forward-thinking methodologies to meet the challenges of competing in today’s global economy.

Your Partner in Corporate Accountability

The Verracy Story

Verracy was founded by a group of industry-leading global executives to help companies transform their risk and internal audit functions into trusted advisors. In just a few years, we have led the transformation of the corporate accountability industry from a staid and reactive corner of the business landscape to a dynamic source of invaluable insights. And we’re just getting started.

We recognized a need in the corporate training space, where the material being taught to maintain certifications was often delivered by people without experience in the field using outdated information. Much of the training available covered just the basics, instead of truly adding value and developing skills.

Led by co-founders Mary Breslin and Keith Barber, Verracy began producing new course materials built on the principles of participant engagement, real-world applicability, and the need to evolve with the landscape. Each new course we created resonated with attendees and helped prepare them to overcome the challenges they faced every day.

Almost immediately, training attendees asked us for help with their specific issues. With the extensive experience our team has accumulated in the trenches and in corporate leadership, we quickly became trusted partners to individual companies, government entities, and organizations. Verracy has been getting to the root of persistent issues, designing solutions, assisting with program implementation, and transforming the internal capabilities of entities around the world ever since.

Today and always, whether you are working with us for one-off organizational training or a full-scale overhaul of your operations, Verracy is ready to partner with you to create a culture of performance with integrity.

Meet the Team

Mary Breslin, MBA, CIA, CFE


Bret Kobel, MBA


Michael Fucilli, CIA, QIAL, CRMA, CGAP, CFE

Training Facilitator

Hal Manasa, CGMA, CIA, CFE

Training Facilitator

Anthony Joy, CFE, CPA

Training Facilitator

Gwen McDade, CPA, CIG, CPIP

Training Facilitator

Keith Barber, CISA, ACDA, ACT


Kira Ector, CSOE, CICA


Carolyn Ferguson, CPA


Gordon Duff

Connelly Jaqua

Connelly Jaqua

Social Media Coordinator

Experience the Verracy Difference

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