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Tap into a comprehensive collection of the thought leadership from Verracy’s team with this archive of past and present blog posts, books, and newsletters.

Latest from AuditChic

PRODUCTIVITY AND TIME MANAGEMENT We are all different, we work differently, we have different times and durations of productivity, and different strengths and weaknesses. This is why there are so many different approaches to productivity and time management and thousands of books on the subject. To improve productivity and time management we must understand ourselves […]

INTERESTING IDEAS Artificial Intelligence. AI. In Audit. Yes, we are there. As data analytics become more and more prevalent in our industry the need to further automate processes beyond standard data tools is becoming apparent. Last week my team and I used our first bot to assist with the de-encryption of four years of data. […]

PRODUCTIVITY AND TIME MANAGEMENT Is your email inbox unruly? Do you waste time searching for emails you know you received or sent? Technology can be both an enormous time saver, but it can also cause us to waste an enormous amount of time as well. To stay productive and not waste time with technology we […]

Articles & Press

Adding Value for the Organization Throughout my career, I experienced leadership bringing in outside consultants to do work I knew my team and I could have done just as well, if not better.  The “outside” consultants for projects and business improvement were a constant source of frustration for me, and for years I couldn’t understand […]


Advancing Equality: International Women’s Day

Mary Breslin, CIA, CFE, Founder of Verracy

Mary Breslin, CIA, CFE, Founder of Verracy March 1, 2022   Happy International Women’s Day! I wrote this 7 years ago, and I still mean every word.  I am proud to say the vow I made 7 years ago I have continued to take seriously.  I am more involved in women’s advancement programs than ever […]


Culture and the World Around Us

Mary Breslin, CIA, CFE, Founder of Verracy

Mary Breslin, CIA, CFE, Founder of Verracy February 28, 2022   Culture and the World Around Us In the past two years, we have collectively seen a lot.  A global pandemic, Kobe Bryant, George Floyd,  Ahmaud Arbery, BLM, Boy Scouts bankruptcy, Facebook and Twitter algorithms, Wirecard, mass shootings, Solarwinds, vaccine wars, UFOs, hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, […]

Recommended Books and Resources

A Practical Guide To Performing Fraud Risk Assessments

by: Mary Breslin

Raise The Red Flag: An Internal Auditor’s Guide to Detect and Prevent Fraud

by: Lynn Fountain, CGMA, CRMA

Fraud Data Analytics Methodology: The Fraud Scenario Approach to Uncovering Fraud in Core Business Systems

by Leonard W. Vona

The Fraud Audit: Responding to the Risk of Fraud in Core Business Systems

by Leonard W. Vona

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