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Use Cases: Investigation & Forensics

Forensic Accounting

Situations involving fraud, disputes between parties, or allegations of corruption require a close examination of books and records, agreements, and other financial documentation to determine what happened. Verracy’s forensic accountants will review, analyze, or reconstruct transactions and financials to uncover the truth. We will advise on appropriate detective and preventive controls to ensure there is no reoccurrence.

Our forensic accounting teams include certified public accountants, chartered accountants, forensic accountants, traditional investigators, former Big Four auditors and compliance specialists, data analysts, electronic discovery and computer forensics experts, and cybersecurity specialists. Our professionals have extensive international experience and come from a wide array of industries.

Fraud Investigations

Responding quickly to allegations of fraud or misconduct is critical but rarely easy. Organizations often lack the resources with the right skills and backgrounds to proficiently conduct a prompt, cost-effective, and objective investigation.

It can be a daunting process when wrongdoing occurs in foreign countries. We have extensive experience conducting investigations not only within North America, but across the globe. Our services are scalable—from a small team in one city to multiple teams operating simultaneously in several locations. Verracy’s team works closely with clients to understand their business and their investigation needs.

Investigation Data Analytics

One of the greatest challenges in any investigation is finding the relevant data and understanding it. Data and evidence gathering must be executed efficiently, cost-effectively, and with a strict chain of custody.

Verracy uses experienced and knowledgeable data analysts and powerful data analytics tools to extract, analyze, and quantify wrongdoing and fraud. Our advanced technology capabilities help clients respond quickly to wrongdoing and occupational fraud.

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