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Mary Breslin, CIA, CFE, Founder of Verracy February 1, 2022   Three Reasons Every Audit Shop Should be Adding Agile Auditing to its Toolkit Agile has been around for over 20 years but it has received more attention in the audit profession in the last 2 years than the prior 18 combined.  Why is that?  […]

Mary Breslin, CIA, CFE, Founder of Verracy October 22, 2020   Can a system or software be responsible for fraud? Like a voyeur, I sat and watched the system automatically, and without human intervention, conceal fraud. Let me explain. I recently completed a fraud investigation in which the system — hardware and software — provided […]

Recently, I spoke about fraud at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation for their investigators. My day was off to a rocky start, as I accidentally burned a big hole in my pink crepe suit jacket while trying to use the steam function on the hotel iron to rid it of a few wrinkles. Normally I […]

Ethics training is hardly a foreign concept to fraud examiners. Most organizations have some form of mandatory ethics training as a part of their compliance programs. But can you actually teach people to make ethical decisions? Or are these trainings only a formality? Mary Breslin, founder of Verracy Training and Consulting, explored this topic with […]

We are pleased to announce that Mary Breslin has earned a Top-Rated Speaker award.  During the North America CACS 2019 conference, she earned a 4.75 or higher (on a 5-point scale) by the attendees who responded to the survey about her session. To recognize her excellence, she will be noted on ISACA’s website as one […]

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