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Webinars (Free)

The fight against fraud continues to be a critical challenge for organizations globally. With advancements in technology, fraudsters are constantly finding new and sophisticated ways to commit fraud.

This International Women's Day, join us for an empowering one-hour webinar that celebrates the spirit of bold women in the auditing profession.

Join us as we parse out what’s new in the Global Internal Audit Standards™ in 2024.

2024! New standards, developments, and the latest trends. Join our first webinar of the 2024 Free Webinar Series. This will be a Q&A webinar with Mary Breslin, founder of Verracy and the 2023 James Baker Speaker of the Year.

In an era where technology is interwoven into the fabric of every business operation, understanding and navigating the ethical implications is not merely an option, but a necessity.

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