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AuditChic’s Anecdotes February 2019

AuditChic’s Anecdotes February 2019


The secret to time management is, there is no real “time” management, time marches on, we all have the same amount of time available to us. There is no time management, only self-management. Two things matter the most – focus and habit. Our focus is driven by logic and emotion. Habit however can be the most powerful tool in our toolkit. Habit can not only improve how we spend our time but can help improve virtually every aspect of our lives.

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg is a fantastic look at just how powerful both good and bad habits can be and how to establish new habits to override existing bad habits. A worthwhile read for everyone.


To evoke positive change in an organization an auditor or consultant must be an excellent communicator. Even more important the individual must be credible. If you want to be a truly influential communicator, you need to master the 5 C’s of communication – Clarity, Conciseness, Confidence, Credibility and Compelling.

Check out a great Forbes article on this here –


The greatest form of communication today is social media – Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. And the fraudsters are leveraging it! There have been some brazen and unbelievable fraud cases in the last few years, but The Fyre Festival stood out and taught us why “influencer marketing” can be a great weapon for a fraudster. If you want to learn about the fraud (and disastrous event) check out the movie on Netflix here

I like this movie/documentary version because a lot of the footage was filmed by the fraudsters themselves. They literally documented their fraud and their ultimate demise. Makes for interesting viewing. Influencer marketing played a huge role in this case and it is something that will continue to be a problem as studies show many people, especially millennials trust those they “follow” more than traditional marketing.


Did you know that a woman’s natural tendencies are the skills that make for excellent communicators and leaders? Too often we emulate men and suppress our natural characteristics when at work. Don’t! Instead embrace your natural empathy, patience, and inclusiveness. It will make you naturally a better communicator and leader.

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“So often, when you see someone who’s really good at almost anything, it’s because they actually started out exactly the opposite — and then they cared so much about fixing that problem.” — Susan Cain

I am personally always looking to better understand communication and personality styles including my own, to create better relationships personally and professionally and how to teach those insights. Susan Cain is a is a best-selling author focused on introverts and she has help me understand both myself and colleagues, family and friends better. She has two excellent books available – Quiet Power: The Secret Strengths of Introverts and Quiet: The Power of Introverts in A World That Can’t Stop Talking, but if you want a quicker glimpse of her and her work check out her award winning Ted Talk here –

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