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AuditChic’s Anecdotes September 2018

AuditChic’s Anecdotes September 2018


Want to learn how to manage your team more effectively? READ THIS BOOK! Radical Candor, by Kim Scott. Kim’s been teaching leadership for decades at companies like Apple, Google, Dropbox and Twitter. That alone should get you to read her book, but she will teach you to “become a great boss without losing your humanity.”

If you don’t walk away buzzing with new insights to yourself and your team after reading this, then maybe you should be writing a book!


We have some exciting weeks coming up in the month of November. Both the ACFE and the SCCE are encouraging individuals and organizations to participate in Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week and International Fraud Awareness Week. Now is the time to start planning! The ACFE / SCCE recommend arranging for in-house speakers, hosting seminars, performing fraud checkups, and ordering posters, badges and logos for your organization.

Check out the links below to get the logos, free resources and tips for you and your organization on how to participate in both.


For any of you who travel, you probably make good use of Uber or Lyft. This month Uber introduces new safety measures built into their app with a specific focus on female customers-

Uber is pretty busy this month as they also launched Uber Cash for managing payment through preloaded amounts for Uber rides, Uber Eats and subsidiary JUMP Bikes. See how it works here –


How many of you work late into the evening during month-end close or an audit? Have you ever been told not to send emails after hours? Have you prepared the emails at night to send out in the morning and then forgotten them because it was mentally “done” in your mind? If you use Outlook, you can schedule them to be sent whenever you want. No more forgetting and no more worrying about bothering the client at night. See the instructions here –


Most fascinating read this month was in Harvard Business Review – The Business Case for Curiosity by Francesca Gino and the accompanying piece The Five Dimensions of Curiosity which provides a self-quiz to help you understand your personal degree of curiosity relating to Social Curiosity, Stress Tolerance, Joyous Exploration and others. Read the stories to get the full details –

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