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COMMUNICATION AND INFLUENCE Want to learn how to manage your team more effectively? READ THIS BOOK! Radical Candor, by Kim Scott. Kim’s been teaching leadership for decades at companies like Apple, Google, Dropbox and Twitter. That alone should get you to read her book, but she will teach you to “become a great boss without […]

PRODUCTIVITY AND TIME MANAGEMENT Lose focus every time a new email pops up? Control the chaos with Outlook email. you can control that your inbound emails! You can set your Outlook to send/receive in whatever time intervals you want. I set mine to 2-hours, so I can stay focused on whatever I am working on. […]

Mary Breslin, CFE, CIA President, Empower Audit In light of International Fraud Awareness Week, I wanted to take a look at why fraud awareness in every organization needs to specifically define what fraud is for your organization. Six weeks after the U.S. government bailed out AIG, the AIG executives held a weeklong retreat at a five-star […]

Mary Breslin, CFE, CIA President, Empower Audit When I was a teenager my mother was diagnosed with cancer and died two years later after battling the disease. My mother’s illness was heartbreaking to witness, but it was how quickly the idea of normal ceased to exist that was surprising. Having a clean home, clean clothing, […]

Mary Breslin, CFE, CIA President, Empower Audit Other than spiders, one of my greatest fears is hearing that I taught someone to commit fraud. One of the challenges auditors face is persuading management to implement preventive fraud controls without inadvertently teaching them how to commit the fraud. Unfortunately, sometimes we have to explain in great […]

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