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Advanced Audit Methods & Techniques

Advanced Audit Methods & Techniques

Expectations for Internal Audit are higher today than ever before. Auditors are expected to evoke positive change in their organizations, be trusted advisors, and deliver added value with every engagement. While internal auditors are uniquely positioned to meet and deliver on these expectations, audit work today requires an expanded skill set that was not required very long ago. The auditors of today are expected to possess a wide variety of analytical and technical skills, including critical thinking, exceptional communication skills, fraud detection and root cause analysis abilities, data analytics, and advanced risk assessment insight.

This in-depth course will deliver insights into the best practices found today in world-class audit functions and help provide a practical approach to embracing, implementing, and developing the practices and skills necessary for today’s internal auditor.

This interactive course will use lecture, group exercises, real-life case studies, and examples to enhance the learning experience.

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