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Challenging Communications

Challenging Communications

This Program Course consists of the following:
Communications 103 – Essential Influence & Persuasion Skills
Communications 301 – Mastering Negotiation Skills
Communcations 302 – Mastering Conflict Management Skills

Do you have challenging conversations with the audit client? Influencing, persuading and negotiating win-win solutions without conflict is an art form. Almost everything we do in our work environment requires negotiation – with colleagues, with bosses and with the client. Challenging conversations can be eliminated or minimized with a firm grasp of the science behind how influence and persuasion work.

This course teaches you how to strengthen your skills of influence, increase your ability to persuade, and negotiation without conflict. In addition, this course will teach you conflict management skills when conflict cannot be avoided. This course is activity packed and you will learn through lecture, video, real-life case studies and plenty of exercises.

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