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Corporate Fraud and Lessons Learned

Corporate Fraud and Lessons Learned

Corporate fraud and scandal go back as far as the existence of organizations. This class will take you through the parallel histories of corporations and corporate frauds, taking an in-depth look at the biggest corporate frauds in history and the resulting changes to the regulatory and the legal environment. The sometimes shocking, sometimes appalling, and occasionally hilarious stories of America’s most known, some little known, and several forgotten corporate fraud cases will provide you with insights on how these frauds occurred and how they could have been prevented. The course will walk you through the fraud cases, the characters involved, and how these cases have helped shape not only the American business environment, but the global environment as well. This course will provide the basics of fraud using fascinating and entertaining real-world case studies, including some of the instructor’s personal large-scale fraud cases.

This course is interactive, and the fundamentals will be taught through a combination of lecture, group and individual exercises, and class participation.

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