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Creative Data Visualization Using Excel

Creative Data Visualization Using Excel

Each day the world generates 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. Every organization is tracking and maintaining information they never had before. That is a lot of data, and organizational leaders expect us to make sense of it—and not only make sense of it, but also communicate it in a way that it makes sense to busy executives. How do we do that? We visualize it. With a single image, a complex idea can be explained instantly. A good chart, graph, or picture can explain at a glance what may take 5 to 10 pages of narrative to explain in a report.

This course teaches participants to present data analytics results visually with state-of-the-art graphics presentations. Participants will learn through real-world case studies and examples of success (and failures) within world-class programs. The class is intended to teach participants to enhance existing data analytics with data visualization.

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