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Emotional Intelligence: Unlocking the Key to Success

Emotional Intelligence: Unlocking the Key to Success

Auditors frequently deal with potential conflict, difficult situations and sometimes difficult people. Emotional intelligence (EQ) skills can help transform these situations into opportunities to end conflict, build positive relationships, increase an auditor’s credibility and evoke positive change in their organization. Statistically, individuals with a high level of emotional intelligence are more successful regardless of industry or role. Expectations for internal auditors today, demands exceptional communication skills which are dependent on emotional intelligence. EQ is a driving force for improved relationships and effective communication. Fortunately, EQ can be developed and improved throughout life. This course will cover the basic concepts of emotional intelligence, why EQ skills is important in business, and methods and techniques that can be used to improve EQ.

This interactive course uses lecture, group exercises, real-life case studies, and examples to help auditors develop improve emotional intelligence and communications skills.

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