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Engagement Fraud Risk Assessments for Audit

Engagement Fraud Risk Assessments for Audit

All organizations are subject to fraud risk. ACFE studies show that on average 5% of revenue is lost to internal fraud schemes within an organization. Today internal auditor are expected to help lead the charge in the fight against fraud within their organization. To do this, audit must understanding how to properly identify and assess potential fraud risk and then work that knowledge and skills into their auditing programs. Traditionally fraud detection programs and internal auditing programs were separate functions but combining the efforts provides clear advantages all organizations can benefit from.

This course is designed to help individuals learn and develop the skills necessary to help drive, implement and execute an effective fraud risk assessment as part of an individual engagement or part of the overall Fraud Risk Program and then incorporate fraud detection methods into the audit engagement. This highly interactive class achieves its learning objectives through the use of case studies, exposure to best practices tools and techniques and group exercises.

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