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Essential Communication Skills for Auditors

Essential Communication Skills for Auditors

Internal Auditors spend most of their time communicating: speaking with clients, preparing information for distribution, and understanding information they have gathered. Good communication skills are essential for an auditor, and excellent communication skills will make auditors more effective and successful in their role. The course examines why effective communication skills are the foundation for credibility and success for auditors. This course will provide auditors with the communication skills needed in the many communication situations auditors face daily. Participants will gain an understanding of how different communication styles impact the way a message is presented and received and how to effectively navigate various communication formats.

This interactive course will use lecture, group exercises, real-life case studies, and examples to help auditors develop and implement these communication skills in interviewing situations, meetings, conference calls, presentations, and report writing. Finally, the course will address how to effectively handle difficult situations and conflict. This course utilizes the DiSC Assessment to evaluate participants’ communications styles.

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