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Ethics and Compliance Essentials for Global Companies

Ethics and Compliance Essentials for Global Companies

Organizations frequently face bribery and corruption situations in business dealings. According to Transparency International, highly corrupt countries far outnumber low corruption countries. As a result, there has been a recent surge in legislation across the globe against bribery and corruption. New international laws are establishing standards for accounting, the internal control environment, and corporate governance. Many of these new standards focus specifically on an organization’s efforts to prevent bribery. Due to strengthened international enforcement that is more aggressive and more stringent than ever, an organization’s exposure for criminal liability has significantly increased.

Recent high-profile cases such as Odebrecht in South America, Keppel Offshore in Singapore, Siemens and Rolls-Royce across several countries are some examples of how organizations can get into trouble due to bribery and corruption. This course will educate participants on the elements of an effective Business Practices (Ethics and Compliance) Program and how to prevent and detect organizational misconduct and protect the organization, its Board, Executives, employees, and its customers and minimize legal violations and exposure.

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