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Fighting Corruption in a Global Market: Compliance Risk Assessments

Fighting Corruption in a Global Market: Compliance Risk Assessments

Bribery and corruption risks for organizations continue to rise as today’s marketplace becomes more global. Companies must be aware, and prepared, for the risks that operating in countries, cultures, or areas far from their home market will present. Bribery and corruption are standard practice in some regions and learning to anticipate and identify the red flags for corruption is critical to an organization’s success. Organizations can defend against corruption by understanding and identifying potential threats, proactively performing risk assessments and having effective action plans to mitigate those threats. Continuous assessment and monitoring of an organization’s anti-corruption and bribery compliance program is necessary to ensure effectiveness against an ever-changing landscape of threats.

This course will examine the current global corruption environment and today’s best practices in anti-bribery and corruption programs, risk assessments and deliver useable methodologies for identifying and detecting corruption risks and occurrences. Real-life case studies, examples and participant exercises will be used.

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