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Forensic Document Examination

Forensic Document Examination

All organizations are subject to fraud risk. Altered documentation has become a significant risk as fraudsters leverage advances in technology to create or change documentation to commit fraud. One of the best fraud deterrents an organization can implement is a fraud detection program. When employees, customers, and vendors all know you are actively looking for fraud, it greatly reduces the potential for anyone to try to commit fraud. And creating fraud detection programs will help an organization reduce the financial, reputational, and business risks associated with fraud.

Organizations need to make committing fraud as unattractive as possible. Ignoring fraud risks can undermine the reputation, integrity, and professionalism of the organization and perceptions about the quality of the services it provides, leading to a loss in public confidence. While total elimination of fraud is unlikely to be achieved, it is important for momentum to be maintained and good practices to be developed and shared. The course will use best practices and will demonstrate how organizations can tackle external and internal fraud risks regarding altered documentation.

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