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Automating Data Analytics Scripts and Queries | Hands On

Automating Data Analytics Scripts and Queries | Hands On

NOTE:  This course is Hands On and requires installation of Arbutus Analyzer.  As a result, this course is only recommended for Corporate or Government clients and generally cannot be taught to a Professional Chapter event.


If you think automation is only for Information Technology experts or programmers, think again. Using internal audit frameworks, you will learn how to create automated tasks from start to finish. From planning to execution to documentation, you will create templates that can be leveraged immediately. Once you apply the techniques learned in this course, you will have the foundation to build your continuous auditing and monitoring projects.

In this two-day course attendees will learn how to create automated scripts and queries. Participants will learn about the four stages of data analytics progression and the hands-on modules will introduce techniques that help you go from manual to automation without being a programmer. Participants will learn interactively through a combination of lecture, live demonstrations, and exercises.

Bonus: all registered attendees will receive a trial version of the software and best practice templates.

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