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Data Analytics Fundamentals | Hands On

Data Analytics Fundamentals | Hands On

NOTE:  This course is Hands On and requires installation of Arbutus Analyzer.  As a result, this course is only recommended for Corporate or Government clients and generally cannot be taught to a Professional Chapter event.


Internal audit departments are expected to help organizations improve business processes, ensure regulatory compliance, fight fraud, and get to the root cause of organizational issues. Data analytics programs can help audit functions meet those expectations and be more efficient, scalable, reduce testing effort and audit errors, while providing greater assurance and audit and risk coverage. Effective programs provide long-term continuous auditing and monitoring for legal and compliance issues as well as the ability to perform ad hoc audit testing, operational analysis, and fraud investigations. Data analytics programs are the cornerstone of fraud detection for many organizations, providing audit and fraud teams the ability to identify red flags in real time.

This course teaches participants to develop data analytics scripts to support an audit. The course is interactive, and participants will learn through a combination of lecture, live demonstrations, and hands-on exercises.

Bonus: all registered attendees will receive a trial version of the software and best practice templates.

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