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Developing Effective Continuous Audits using Data Analytics | Hands On

Developing Effective Continuous Audits using Data Analytics | Hands On

NOTE:  This course is Hands On and requires installation of Arbutus Analyzer.  As a result, this course is only recommended for Corporate or Government clients and generally cannot be taught to a Professional Chapter event.


The ever-increasing demand on Internal Audit to deliver more detailed risk assessments, fraud detection, root cause analysis, and more—often without increased staffing or budget can put tremendous pressure on the audit team. Audit teams frequently face questions like: How do we expand the number of audits this year and ensure a quality deliverable without increasing staff or budget? These demands require us to challenge our audit techniques and begin to leverage technology in our controls testing.

In this hands-on (not theory!) workshop, participants will use one of the leading data analytics tools to perform real controls testing while learning to design a continuous audit from scratch without having to be a programmer.  We will take a common manual test performed the same way for years in most organizations and learn to automate it. Participants will perform all the required steps to fully automate the process and create a continuous audit. Participants will complete the course having created a continuous audit that runs when needed.

Bonus: all registered attendees will receive a trial version of the software and best practice templates.

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