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Moving Beyond AP & Payroll with Data Analytics

Moving Beyond AP & Payroll with Data Analytics

So you’ve got invoice duplicate payments nailed to the wall, and you are sure none will get passed your data analytics program. Ghost employees are a thing of the past, but now what? Your program has worked so well, you don’t even have any exceptions any more. And while that is definitely a good thing, it leaves you wanting more. And wanting something to show to the executives once in a while.
Now that you have got your data analytics tool mapped to your systems, and your in-house data analysts already engaged, what else can you do with your data analytics program? What other areas of audit and the business can benefit from data analytics?

This course is designed to take data analytics programs that have mastered AP and Payroll exception reporting and continuous auditing to the next level and demonstrate how data analytics can be applied to real-time risk analysis, performance audits, operational audits, regulatory compliance, audit specific analytics, fraud auditing, fraud detection and fraud investigation. Participants will be introduced to the techniques currently being used by leading data analytics programs through the use of case studies, best practices and demonstrations.

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