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Report Writing: Getting the Message Across

Report Writing: Getting the Message Across

Well-written audit reports can be the difference between an audit group that is perceived as adding value and one that merely exists as required compliance. Unfortunately, delivering audit reports that contain objective-driven, direct, concise, evidence-backed information continues to be a challenge for even the most seasoned internal auditors. Audit reports often fail to deliver the intended message for a multitude of reasons, including their length, lack of a clear objective, overabundance of audit lingo and terminology, buried or lost messages, and not understanding the needs of audience.

This interactive course will address the challenges commonly associated with audit report writing and teach the skills that will ensure your audit reports will be read and your message received as intended. Finally, this course presents the Two-Page Audit Report methodology, which provides a format and formula that ensures your audit reports get read and understood by any audience, including across the highest levels of the organization.

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