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Revisiting Risk Assessments after COVID-19

Revisiting Risk Assessments after COVID-19

Change equals risk. With change comes an increase in risk. The increased risk can be temporary while we work through the change, or it can be permanent. It is our job to determine which. We are in unprecedented times and experiencing a time of significant change for all organizations. The work that we have done, the risk assessments, the forecasts, the audits, all need to be revisited and spot checked to take into consideration what has changed and how it has impacted our assessment of risk and exposures for our organization. This course will examine how auditors and fraud examiners should revisit risk assessments, recent audits and identify, evaluate and prioritize emerging risks as a result of COVID.

Fraud risk is increasing significantly with the changes, adaptions, and work-arounds organizations have had to leverage to keep operating during COVID. This course will examine how to assess the increased fraud risk and what can be done to prevent, detect and deter fraud during these new circumstances.

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