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Understanding Ethical Decision Making

Understanding Ethical Decision Making

Media coverage of the Wells Fargo, Volkswagen, Uber, United Airlines, Turing Pharmaceuticals, FIFA, Lance Armstrong, and other scandals highlight the susceptibility of organizations to poor ethical decision-making. While ethics training is common in most organizations it is failing on a regular basis. To be effective, ethics training must do more than inform employees of laws and policies they are expected to comply with. Instead, the goal should be to equip and encourage employees to make sound ethical decisions. For ethics training to be effective it must focus on decision making and providing employees with the knowledge and skills to make ethical decisions and choices in a manner consistent with the ethical principles and expectations of the organizational.

This course examines the vital topic of ethics and its importance to overall corporate and personal well-being. Specifically, what factors influence ethical decision making and what this means to management, the organization, the community, the individual, and to organizational internal controls. The course examines several widely used ethical decision-making frameworks. Participants will learn through lecture, case studies, and real-life exercises.

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