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Using Data Analytics to Transform Internal Audit

Using Data Analytics to Transform Internal Audit

Data analytics programs are an excellent opportunity for audit functions to truly add value to their organizations by enhancing assurance for audits, expanding coverage, enabling fraud detection and reducing efforts for Sarbanes-Oxley. Good programs help audit functions to be efficient, scalable, reduce errors and provide greater audit and fraud coverage. However, implementing and expanding a program can be challenging. A successful program requires many different skills sets and rarely does a single individual possess all the necessary skills. Proficiency with a data analytics tool is only one piece of the puzzle. Leveraging the knowledge of the entire audit team is what makes data analytics programs successful. That requires educating the entire team on data analytics – what a program can provide, and what will make it valuable for audit and the organization.

This course will help auditors understand what data analytics can do, what is required for a successful program, what areas to targeted, and most importantly, why everyone’s skills and knowledge are needed. Participants will learn interactively through a combination of lecture, case studies, demonstrations, and exercises.

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