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Work Programs – Developing Results-Driven Audit Programs

Work Programs – Developing Results-Driven Audit Programs

Developing an audit work program can be a daunting process, especially when the specific audit area is unfamiliar or has not been audited previously. An effective audit program specifies who is responsible for the work, what is the purpose of the work, and how the work will be accomplished—all while allowing for flexibility.

This course will provide participants with an approach that eliminates many of the assumptions, guesses, and pain points associated with audit planning. It will provide a foundation for developing audit programs and steps based on business objectives and the tools and techniques required to gather the evidence needed to achieve audit objectives while staying in scope.

Less-experienced auditors will learn how to build the audit program, and experienced auditors will have an opportunity to refresh their skill set and master the Closing the Loop Framework as a tool for improving audit quality.

Participants will have the opportunity to build components of an audit program during class exercises.

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