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Brilliant with the Basics – Planning (4 CPEs)

Being Brilliant with the Basics Series

In our Being Brilliant with the Basics series, we revisit the fundamentals every auditor needs with a new perspective for auditing in 2021.  Seasoned professionals and those new to audit can all benefit from being brilliant with these fundamentals.

Being Brilliant with the Basics – Planning

Plan the work, or plan to fail!  The results of ineffective planning will impact the entire audit and can be seen in missed deadlines, scope creep and reporting that is confusing.  When we fail to plan properly we struggle to execute an audit that is targeted, focused and adds clear value.  Appropriate planning including scoping, communication plans and assessment of risk are key to success.  This session will examine tips, tricks and techniques that will prove to be valuable to seasoned audit veterans as well as those new to the audit industry.

You will learn:

  • Virtual or in-person, the different considerations in planning
  • Why often gets skipped, glossed over or forgotten during planning
  • How to use formal scoping tools and communication plans to stayed focused and hit deadlines
  • Why you need escalation plans to established during planning
  • Visual tools and techniques that help in both planning and execution


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