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Conducting Successful Interviews: The Impact of Communication Styles

Interviews can be very stressful, especially for the interviewees. When people are comfortable, they are more forthright, think more clearly and can provide more useful information. Understanding communication styles can immediately make people feel more comfortable and help minimize their fear and anxiety. As an interviewer, it is important to understand the interviewee’s communication style, which allows you to adapt your approach for a more productive and successful conversation.

In this webinar, certified DiSC® instructor, Mary Breslin, will discuss how to use the DiSC® Communication Styles Assessment to identify and communicate with different communication styles.

What You Will Learn:


  • Differentiate interviewee communication styles in the interview process
  • Implement the four the DiSC® Communication Styles Assessment



CPE: 2.0 | Field: Communications and Marketing  | Delivery: Group Internet Based
Level: Basic | Prerequisites: None

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