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Has Your Brain Been Hacked by a Social Engineering Fraudster?

Course Description

Cybercrime is the number one fraud threat in today’s technology reliant world. Organizations pay top dollar for cyber protection and expertise, but cybercrime continues to occur and is increasing not decreasing.  Why?  Cyber experts often focus on the technology while hackers and fraudsters have a wide array of methods they use, not all technology based, and frequently it includes social engineering. If organizations do not address their cyber protection programs with this in mind, they are still at risk of a breach regardless how sophisticated their protection is.  This session will look at real world-case studies where technology breaches were the direct result of social engineering and what every organization should be doing to prevent this from happening to them.


Course Objectives

  • The most common approaches and techniques used in social engineering
  • How every organizations greatest vulnerabilities are not where they suspect
  • Lessons learned from real-world cases
  • What your organization should have, or put in place, to protect your organization

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